As a result of the manifestation, a negative image is obtained, where the dark places correspond to the bright places of the photographed object and vice versa.

However, the processing of the photographic plate does not end there. The resulting image must be secured, make it insensitive to further exposure to light. For this, the developed plate is lowered into a fixer, the main constituent of which is usually hyposulphite. It dissolves the non-decomposed remains of silver salts and thereby fixes the image.

With such a negative plate, an unlimited number of positive prints can be obtained.

At large exposures around the images of bright light sources, ring-shaped halos are formed on the photoemulsion, formed by the action of light rays passing through the emulsion and reflected from the back surface of the plate bordering the air. The appearance of halos in astronomical photographs is particularly undesirable, because of the loss of images of weak stars.

To combat halos of this kind, the posterior surface of the plate is usually covered with a special colored layer, absorbing rays mainly in that part of the spectrum to which the emulsion is sensitive. Thus, on the plates "ortho-chromium", sensitive to yellow light, the red antihalation layer absorbs blue and green rays, and on the plates "panhrom", sensitive to red light, the dark green antihalation layer absorbs red and blue rays. When developed, the antihalation layer becomes discolored.

Modern photographic technique allows to significantly automate the process of astronomical observations, to free astronomers from tedious visual studies. But it's not just that - the photographic method has a number of significant advantages over astronomical observations with the help of the eye.

One of such advantages is documentary. If a few even the most skilled artists undertake to write someone's portrait, their drawings will never be exactly the same and in all without exception the details are similar to the original. In the process of scientific research, such discrepancies can lead to erroneous conclusions.

Photographic images are free from this defect. They give accurate images of the objects under study. These images can be stored for many years in special "glass libraries", which are available in all large observatories. Comparison of photographs of the same celestial bodies or the same parts of the sky at different times allows scientists to detect changes in the state of space objects.

The second remarkable property of a photographic plate is its detail. The photosensitive emulsion captures such details, which inevitably elude even the most attentive observer. To see this, it is enough to look at a photograph of a section of the surface of the moon or some cosmic nebula. We will see a multitude of minute details that none of the most experienced astronomers could convey with such precision.

The advantage of the photographic plate is especially noticeable in those cases when it is necessary to register phenomena whose duration is extremely small and which for this reason the human eye either does not have time to properly consider or does not notice at all. In this case, the entire set of objects that are in the field of view of the photographic chamber is fixed.

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Real Titanic Pictures Underwater Titanic Ship
Yellow Ducks
Little Black Dress
Remus Lupin And Nymphadora Tonks Wedding
Kendrick Lamar How Many Drinks Outfit
Nintendo 3ds 2
Middle School Students Working

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